Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're moving...Blogs

Hi friends and family,

The Quicks are going to be moving Blogs, but don't worry. We'll make the transition as easy and comfortable for you.

You can now find us at

Hope to see you there!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Our First Home

We are SO blessed to live in Pine Cove Staff housing for the first four months of our marriage. (We're moving in May.) But before we leave, want to take a tour?

Welcome to our entry way!

Turn left and notice my Valentine decorations (obviously old pictures)...

as you make your way into our Den.

(Apparently I forgot the Kitchen & Movie Room but we'll [maybe] add later.)

Back through our entry way will take you to the other "wing" of our house. Here is the guest room

that houses all our wedding gifts!

And here is the [obnoxious] orange guest bathroom

This is the Study

And last, but not least is Our Room and [baby pink] Bathroom

You should come over before we move :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Choosing to SEE

I recently completed the book Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Steven Curtis Chapman. It’s a great autobiography about her life but especially life since the tragic death of her five year old. I am not a reader, which explains why my goal for 2011 was to read TWO WHOLE BOOKS! This is my first...although I did finish Cold Tangerines this year, but since I started last year I will only count it as a half!

I think my favorite line in the whole book is in the dedication Mary Beth gives to her son Will: "You have been entrusted with an incredible pain! I’m so sorry. I wish as your mom I could take it away, but I know God has a plan for you to steward this story well and to minister to others through your suffering."

Another part of their story that hit very close to home was reading about their oldest daughter getting married five month after her sister died. Change the dates in this paragraph and it sums up my wedding day, as well: "
I know that Satan took a massive swing at our entire family on May 21 [June 12, 2010] and thought he was going to destroy us for good. So October 4 [January 1, 2011] was not just a good day, it was a victorious day! God overwhelmed us with a joy that eased our sorrow and allowed us to see that, out of this horrible story, there were redemptive pieces already being written by the Healer of all wounds."

Choosing to SEE--Even the title reminds me that life is all about the choices we make. The Creator of the Universe designed us with the ability to make a choice. Don't underestimate the significance of that. We have been wired with the ability to choose everything from our attitudes to His free gift of salvation! This book made me cry and laugh all at the same time--and that, my friends, is my favorite emotion.

Monday, February 14, 2011

i love you, jon

Today is Valentine's day, and though I'm not much for the cheesiness of the holiday, I am a believer in the purpose: taking a time to let someone you love know just how much you love them. So I will do just that...

Dear Jon,

I love you. I love how you speak to me kindly. I love how if I ever need something, you rush to get it or do it. I love how you nursed me back to health, spiritually speaking, by reading "Streams in the Desert" every morning. I love that you cook and have dedicated a year to learning the trade in order to better serve me. I love that you embrace my need for girl time. I love that you encourage my creativity and am proud of what I make. I love that you let me kiss you whenever I want. I love that you hold me when I'm sad and take care of me when I'm sick. I love that you love me, deeply. I love that we get to learn how to love for at least the next 50 years (hopefully!).

I love you.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

happy birthday, daddy

Today would have been my father’s 54th birthday. It’s still so crazy to me that the Lord never intended him to live past 53 or to walk me down the aisle or to be a grandpa or be married for more than 29 years.

But day by day, things are getting better, and so today, in honor of my daddy, I made red velvet cupcakes and jotted down some of my favorite memories. I know as soon as I post this, even more great things will come flooding into my memory, but for now, this is what I want to share with you…

  • “Earthquake” wake-ups where I would lay on my tummy and Dad would bounce me on my back as I jumped in the air…he woke me up this way up through my senior year of high school and then some...
  • Weekly McDonalds breakfasts and how even in college, I would call him on the way to school when I had picked up my coffee and sausage biscuit that morning to tell him that I was thinking of him
  • Him sitting in his maroon chair having a quiet time at night and saying “Goodnight peanut” as I passed by
  • Always kissing me good night
  • Front porch breakfasts where we didn’t say much but enjoyed God's creation and our cereal
  • Calling him crying after my first D on a biology test in college and him telling me, “Don’t let one bad grade change your whole life plans.” He was an example of perseverance.
  • Calling after the MCAT didn’t go over so well and him telling me it was going to be okay.
  • Daddy-daughter dates to Johnny Ozarks when I was little, I’d get two chicken legs with honey and he’s get liver and gizzards.
  • Before I left for Germany on a mission trip my junior year of high school, he gave me the best advice he’s ever given: “Never forget who you are and whose you are.” Who meaning Allison Legg and Whose meaning a daughter of God Most High.
  • Fishing trips where he’d spend more time getting my line out of the trees, bushes, and Hannah’s pants then he did actually catching anything
  • Farm calls to deliver calves and one where he did an autopsy and Jeffrey and I had to tie body parts up in long plastic gloves
  • Calling him at work because I left my lunch or my gym clothes or my homework (or anything else) and him always bringing them to me without making me feel bad
  • Helping in surgeries—c-section on a poodle, removal of a maggot infested tail, or sewing up the lip of a dog from a dog fight. I loved watching Dad sew up animals. I loved the click on the scissors and always tried to learn how he tied his knots.
  • Him letting me “drive” while riding in his lap out in the pasture when I was maybe four or five
  • Building a pergola and having a beam drop on my head. He felt awful!
  • Soccer games, coaching me during half-time
  • Making the decision to give up Saturdays at work just to be able to attend ALL our games.
  • Our incredibly awesome four story tree house with a trolley that went from the bottom floor of the tree-house to another tree in the pasture about 50 yards away and the second floor that had a balcony and roof so we could sleep in it. I remember the day he and Mom started planning the tree-house for the next generation…
  • Coming to College Station just for the day to attend a baseball game because of an ASC daddy-daughter event...neither of us really even liked baseball
  • Taking me to a veterinary conference at A&M where I would color pictures in the very same classroom I would color pictures (I mean take notes) in about fifteen years later
  • Going with Dad to work for the day
  • Learning how to use hand tools and yard tools and seeing the value of hard work
  • Seeing slide after slide of pictures from a childhood in Africa
  • Attempting to ride with Dad in a 100k bike race in Chattanooga, TN. He was proud of me for doing the first 27miles.
  • The day he gave Jon his blessing and then being the first person to pray for our marriage once we were engaged
  • His last words to me were to comfort me: “Shh, shh, it’s gonna be okay, peanut” said three days before he died.
  • “My goal in life is to make sure you have experienced as many different things as possible.”—Thanks Dad. Thank you for the memories you have given me. Thank you for molding me into the woman I have become.

My father was the best provider, protector and priest that anyone could ever strive to be. I’ve seen it in his life and I’ve seen it in his death, how even then, he had already taken care of things so we wouldn’t have to.

Suggestion for Valentine’s day—make a list for someone you love.

I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday.

our bad!

So we've been a little busy the past few months, you know, planning a wedding and all...

We'll try to go back and catch you up on what you missed (if it was something really important), but as for now, we will try to be better bloggers about life, love and the pursuit of happiness and anything else related to our new life, our (sort of) new home, our new jobs, etc.

Don't give up on us! We love you...seriously.