Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We've experienced a very interesting transition the past few weeks of our engagement. Instead of living 2 and a half hours from each other, we are now (and I counted) 70 steps from my front door to Allison's front door (of course those are my steps, for Allison it might be somewhere between 95 and 120).

Transitions from "dating" to "engaged" and now from "apart" to "within a Sabbath's Day journey" (a little Israel shout out for you, her house is basically my 'eruv').

This is a picture of my house (notice the heavenly glow around it). I'm living with Trent and Andrew. Allison is living with Chelsea, Elizabeth, Carrie and Hannah. There truly ain't no party like a resident Pine Cove staff party because a resident Pine Cove staff party don't stop.

We've enjoyed getting to say good night to each other face to face and spending time with each other outside of the weekends. Another aspect of living so close is that we can start to buy food and groceries together and prepare meals with each other. Check out our dinner from a few nights ago:

We made Chicken Cacciatore, and it was delicious. We grilled chicken breast and placed it on a bed of quinoa, accented with grilled peppers and onions and other spices. We're trying to start cooking healthy and saving money. Our chief tool in accomplishing these goals has been the book "Cook This, Not That." It's been a lot of fun for us to flip through and pick out recipes that we want to try to add to our repertoire. [Special shout out to Bryce H. for introducing me to this book, I almost stole it when we were living in the upstairs Forge apartment.]

And as I typed that last paragraph, I am startlingly aware of how old I am becoming.

To make up for it I might go play Andrew's N64 for a few hours. That'll show me.