Friday, July 16, 2010

registry=biggest blessing ever!

We finished registering this week! Yay! As I sit and write this blog, I laugh at my little moments of panic--"Ahh! The bedroom has to match the bathroom and that dictates the rest of the house, or does it?" "Do I love these dishes? Will I love them five years from now?" silly things...but overall, Jon and I really enjoyed it and had fun together.

What I love about blogging is this: as I sit and type, the Lord opens up my heart and eyes to even more...for instance, just now. A gift registry is a wish list. Jon and I are placing our lists before people and asking them to provide for us as we begin life together. We are beyond blessed to be loved so dearly by so many. Thank you, Lord. And thank you, you, who are reading this blog, and want to bless us.

We started at Bed, Bath & Beyond in College Station,

**Side note--I love my future husband and how he speaks to me. His words to me when I was almost to the point of stressing out about which shower curtain to choose: "I trust you. As the future caretaker of our home, I empower you to make this decision. I love everything you choose."--those three sentences are powerful.

Then we made it to Target, I love Target and have finally corrected the online registry so it no longer shows that we want q-tips or three vacuum cleaners. I'm not that much of a clean freak!

Then Jon gave me his blessing to continue registering without him at Henderson's Gift Gallery. I love the Gift Gallery. It was my favorite place to register. "Just pick whatever you like and set it on the table." Small towns are the best!

And we finished at Dillard's,

After I made sure we had registered for everything Real Simple said we needed, we were done. (Jon would appreciate my Beaver-ness.)


  1. So fun for you both! Many blessings!

  2. nice to know you have a blog! I enjoyed reading about you and Jon and learning about how you met. You are SO special to my family, and I'm happy for you and Jon!!